Catching Up on RSS

My RSS consumption these days is using NetNewsWire synced through iCloud. I’ve always prefered reading my feeds on my laptop, probably because I’ve never picked up an iPad after having a 1st gen. But I also started reading RSS years before reading them anywhere but the desktop was an option.

I sort them oldest to newest and use the keyboard—I use arrow keys—to navigate through the list. I used to read everything in the app, but more recently as more folks are posting from their personal sites, I like to click over and read the longer posts in its native format. Especially web folks. It’s a great way to see what everyone is doing with their sites. View a little source.

NetNewsWire has the preference to open links in the background and the keyboard shortcut b will open the active item in the browser. That way, I can triage my feeds without suffering from inbox overload. I’d rather suffer from browser tab overload. At least that way when I need a diversion, I have a curated set of links ready to go.

From there I read the post and if it’s something I think I’d like to reference in the future, bookmark in Safari. Now that I’ve gotten the site back up, I might add bookmarks as a collection and start posting the meaty reference material here. Regardless I’ll be sharing links to stuff that stands out to me.

As I started typing this out I decided to go ahead and put my OPML file up on GitHub. I’ll try to keep it up to date. I’m not sure how useful it will be to anyone, but it’s there. I don’t delete feeds so there’s a lot in there for nostalgia’s sake.