Hand Rolled

From my README.md

I’ve thought long and hard on how I want to make websites for me. This is where I’ve landed. Eleventy as a static site generator and PostCSS for styling development. I am borrowing heavily from work I’ve previously done with Jekyll-IndieWeb.

As I’ve narrowed things down publishing images is a big thing for me. I want semantic, responsive and accessible images. Looking at the tools available for Eleventy, no matter how I sliced it I didn’t like the options afforded me out of the box. I don’t have the javascript chops to whip up what I wanted. But after revisiting snippets in VS Code, it dawned on me that it would easier to create a couple of snippets to insert a <figure> with a <picture> element with placeholder text. I don’t expect to publish full articles on my phone, mostly notes and photos. At which point I believe I’d rather do um, art direction from the laptop cropping and processing images with Pixelmator Pro.