What Happened to miklb?

Trying to retell how I started blogging is too long of a story, one I probably told on the old blog. Miklb’s Mindless Ramblings. It started out with WordPress, switched to Habari, then migrated to Jekyll, then back to WordPress before shutting it down last month.

The abbreviation of “Michael B” came as as result of limits on characters allowed in usernames and having a common name. But wanting something unique. When it came time to register a domain, combinations of michael and bishop were nonexistent in 2005. I settled on miklb.com, and it’s been my online identity ever since. But I wanted a fresh start. I had snagged michaelbishop.me a few years ago, and it was time to put it to use. But I languished in how I wanted to build the site and struggled with offline issues.

As to the handle “miklb”, I still have the Twitter account and GitHub account. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to shake it. Ironically I recently signed up for Letterboxd and couldn’t find a user name and guess what I settled on?

I have an archive of the content from there, and might go through it and repost anything that is still relevant. A lot is cruft about outdated technology that’s no longer relevant. I may just throw up a static snapshot on a subdmomain for posterity.

I’ll write up what I’m working on here in a follow up post. I’m also testing using a tag for “pinning” posts to the home page.